My Heavenly Father Never Stops Believing in Me

As I reflect on this past year, even amidst all the heartache and pain that has been felt by many, I see the hand of the Lord. I know that even though I may not have suffered as much as some, my needs and concerns still matter to Him because they matter to me. I know this because I did a lot of falling apart this year and my Savior helped pick up the pieces. My imperfections and weaknesses became very apparent to me at times and even feelings of despair about the state of our world felt almost too much to handle. Looking back I can see each tender mercy that helped pull me through. Sometimes my prayers and pleas were answered through earthly angels, like family and friends. Other times, I couldn't figure out how to overcome it until I remembered to come to my Heavenly Father in prayer. Taking the time to not only talk to Him, but pause and listen. I choose to believe because I feel His love and confidence in me as I do the things that He asks of me. I have more joy in my life when I am living close to the Spirit and following the guidance of the Gospel. I choose to believe because My Heavenly Father and His Son never stop believing and trusting in me.

~Kristin Hawes

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