How I Cleave unto the Work God Has Sent Me to Do -- Lori Cebollero


I was asked how I cleave to the work God has sent me here to do with all the distractions of the world. I’ve been pondering this for the last few days and one thing I thought of is prioritizing and making adjustments to my job as a mother of four (three young adults and one teenager). Recently I was able to change to a different part time job that allows me to be home in the morning. This allows our family to change back to reading scriptures in the morning which is working much better as we tend to get busy and distracted in the evenings.

Another way that I try to keep from being too distracted is to think of someone every day I can serve. It might just be a simple text, a phone call, a quick email to my missionary or dropping by the home of a widow who may need a hug. It helps me remember what’s important and not to fill my day with distractions of the world.

~Lori Cebollero

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