A Father's Love

Almost two years ago my Dad was killed while riding his road bike in the little town of Snowflake, Arizona, where I grew up. In the months to come I really had a lot of soul searching, forgiveness, and healing to do. And I realized that I had relied on my Dad when it came to spirituality and hardships, and overcoming those hardships. Someone that knew me so well and loved me so unconditionally was now gone. I had relied on that support and love and constant reassurance that he gave me that I was wonderful and that I was doing great. All of a sudden I had to do it without him. When I tried leaning on the Savior I didn't feel that it helped. I realize that so many have lost loved ones, but this loss was new to me and I felt like I didn't know how to move on from the grief. I started turning more towards those around me and felt their kindness and love for me. I began to realize that by letting people help me I was beginning to heal. I decided to try turning to my Savior for help even though I didn't feel like I deserved it or that I was too broken for help. That was the best thing that I have done. I feel like if I just keep taking even little steps towards my goal that I am succeeding. And that the Lord is rewarding my efforts. I have felt the unconditional love that my earthly father had for me through my Heavenly Father. My Dad never seemed to ever doubt in the power of the Savior, and I want to follow that example.

~Emily Andersen

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