Little Beams of Celestial Light

We all know that we were put on this earth to gain a body and to learn to live in a mortal world with all the ups and downs that come with it. We all have trials, we all have struggles and they seem to be coming at a greater pace every day, month and year. It is so easy to get caught up in this earthly experience and sometimes we start to lose our eternal perspective. Heavenly Father always has a way to bring us back or at least try to bring us back to seeing this life for what it really is. Trials can do that for us. Whether they are physical, emotional, spiritual or one of many other trials, we can choose to battle them alone or we can choose to rely on our Savior and be willing to humble ourselves and turn our lives over to Him, the Master Creator, to turn us into something so much greater than we could ever imagine. Sometimes, if we are paying attention, He will give us a little glimpse of the life He has in store for us. The process is not easy, it is downright painful at times but because He has suffered for anything and everything that we will experience in this life, He is ready and willing to walk with us through every step of that difficult process. I have experienced the physical, emotional and spiritual healing of the Savior in my past and even now as new trials come I continue to feel Him close, guiding me, even in my broken and imperfect state. When I humble myself and focus on Him, I catch little beams of Celestial light, little glimpses of the future that is possible, only through Him.

~Jodee Bitner

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