"As a Hen Gathereth Her Chicks"

Come as you are

I was asked to share why I love this conference theme... it’s because I know firsthand How God wants us to come to Him just as we are, even if it’s a hot mess.
Many years ago I had fallen away from the church but contrary to popular belief, I could still feel the Saviors abiding and relentless love for me. Even though I wasn’t living as I was taught or how “I should be” He never left me.
I have heard many times from well-intentioned people that if you’re not living righteously or by the churches standards, that you will lose the right to feel the Holy Ghost, that He will leave you - or because you’re sinning YOU have left HIM.
Are we all not sinners? Do we all not fall short to reach perfection? How is it then that one sinner could be accepted of Christ and another not be, just because of the type of sin? Is He a respecter of persons?
I am here today to testify that God will never ever leave you. Not ever. For any reason.
He will go to the ends of the earth, yea even the furthest depths of Hell to reach you.
He can’t lie... furthermore, didn’t He promise to never leave us comfortless and to gather us like a Hen gathering its chicks?
Have you ever watched a Hen try to gather chicks?
It’s hilarious... there’s always at least one that is running around the coop not wanting to get caught. But does the momma hen give up? Never.
She chases that little rebel and might even squawk or peck at it but eventually that little pest comes back to its momma to settle down and rest.
I was that little rebel - running around, wild and going crazy looking for “safety” in all the wrong places... when all along my Father in Heaven was calling after me to come back.
I was still able to feel the whisperings of the Spirit - certainly not as clear and poignant or frequently as before... but it was still there - no matter how hard I tried to drown Him out at times.
He will not be ignored. He will not give up. He loved me for who I was... a broken, confused and rebellious daughter... but still His daughter.
I promise that when the apostles say there is no depth so far that His love can’t reach it is true. There is no sin He can’t wipe away... there is no heartache He can’t soothe... there is no wound He can’t heal or trial He can’t overcome - He will rescue us time and time again.
He loves you infinitely... not because you “deserve” it but because you’re you... His precious daughter.

~Bonnie Randall

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