The Lord will Ease Our Burdens and Make them Light

Mosiah 24:14-15 is one of my favorite scripture passages. It says that the Lord will ease my burdens as I stand as a witness for Him. I remember coming back to it a lot on my mission. As it says in the scriptures, He will not take away our burdens, but He will ease them and make them light on our backs. That is something I have to remind myself every time something hard comes up. I know that as I come to Him as my broken and weary self, He will heal me and make me whole. The pandemic has been especially challenging for me as my mother received a double lung transplant a year ago. She lives in my basement and we have tried really hard to keep her safe by isolating ourselves as best we can, but the anxiety of potentially bringing home a virus that could kill her has been a lot. I have spent many nights praying for comfort and healing and I know the Lord has provided by easing my burdens and keeping us safe. I know that we all have burdens by virtue of being human, but the Lord is always there to make them light for us as we come to Him. He is our friend and our Savior. He will never leave us as we trust in Him. 

~Melissa Purser

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