The Savior Can Heal Each of Us When We Look Up and Seek Him

The healing power of Christ has blessed my life many times. Some of these experiences are personal and not easy to talk about. I have experienced loss of expected blessings—which was wrong on my part. I just expected some blessings to be a part of my life and when they didn’t come, I felt hurt, betrayed, and discouraged. In each experience, I had to search for answers. Some answers have come—and some may not come until I am in Heaven. But after many prayers, blessings, and searching, I have found peace and love through my Savior, Jesus Christ. 

 After one very long, trying night with no sleep, we attended Sacrament Meeting. I felt weak, broken, and tired. We sang the Sacrament hymn, “Reverently and Meekly Now”. The words to every verse seemed to speak to my heart.

​For thee ever do I plead
​I have loved thee as thy friend, ​
With a love that cannot end.
​Be obedient, I implore, ​
Prayerful, watchful evermore, ​
And be constant unto me, ​
That thy Savior I may be. 

These words sunk into my heart and I felt a great and tender love from my Savior. It was almost like I could feel His arms around me. I also could feel His love for those I love. His love is real and can heal each of us when we look up and seek Him. 

~Phyllis Hall

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