Invitations from a Prophet: Jessica Welsh

Jessica & her children at the Temple

This last year my children and I have been going to the temple more. My children are too young to go in and do work, but just being on the temple grounds has truly blessed them. They ask constantly which temple we will go to next, if we can go see the progress on the Layton or Syracuse temple, and if we can take a picnic to the temple this week. I have slacked during the summer heat, and I have seen the difference. They love the feeling of being at the temple. We talk about when they were sealed to our family. And how they each have their own temple. They love walking around the temple and looking at the beauty of each temple. We talk about the different feeling that is there.

Jessica & her children visiting the Tabernacle Replica

I have also made a point to go to the temple myself to do work for my ancestors, taking President Nelson up on his promises that we will receive if we go. My children and I have needed these blessings. As I have taken family names this last year I have been able to feel the spirit more strongly while I am there and I have also been able to have some amazing experiences feeling the spirits of those I am doing work for or their family members close by. I have also seen how that spirit has affected others in the room especially when doing sealings and initiatories!! Each time I have taken names to be sealed the sealer has made a comment about the spirit in the room. I have made a point to do all of the ordinances reminding myself of all the many blessings that are given to us throughout the temple. I have enjoyed making baptism appointments and going with nieces and nephews, brother, sister-in-law, cousins and other family members. And doing sealings with family members as well. Such a fun experience to be there with family and friends.

Oquirrh Mountain Temple
I remember going during COVID with my friend for her first time and taking a family name. As I rounded the bend in the road and could see the temple I felt as though I was seeing it for the first time and from that person's eyes. I felt her sitting in the car with me. I felt her with me during the endowment session. Another time I felt family members thanking me as I sealed a daughter to her parents. She was a great great aunt and I felt my direct family members thanking me for connecting their sister and daughter to them! I have also felt the laughter from family members as their German names were not pronounced quite right by the sealer, but they were happy to have the work done! I remember the sealer asking me to apologize when I saw them in the next life and I could look at him right there and then and let him know they were grateful for what he was doing and that he was doing his best. Others in the room were crying with me as we all felt a strong spirit around us that day.

By Jessica Welsh, Greenbriar Ward

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