Serving Safe and Sound: He reaches for You

Art by: Eva Timothy

 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."
2 Timothy 1:7

I love that scripture. In fact, that scripture and those promises have served me in the darkest, loneliest, and most fearful moments. I never knew for myself the feelings of debilitating anxiety and paralyzing depression until 5 years ago. It came into my life, and the lives of my own daughters, like a relentless runaway train that couldn't be stopped. For a significant amount of time, I was unrecognizable to much of my family and friends. I craved to escape the binding feelings that anxiety and depression brought. I craved to feel safe. To feel love. To feel peace. To feel like myself again.
As these feelings seemed to take over every part of me like an incurable virus, I began to disconnect from a life that I once was so deeply connected to. Not just here on earth, but also a divine disconnect with heaven.
Nevertheless...even with all my push back...slow, simple, repeated glimmers of His love started to break through my deprived soul. It came in all forms. And always through a friend who knew extending her hand to me, was really His. It was in those times of reaching out that I heard Him. I felt Him. I remembered the love He had for me.
The experiences of mental illness in women, young women, and families isn't just happening in my home, it is happening in most every home. Our hope is that through empowering "sound mind" service projects with Wasatch Mental Behavioral Health, Bountiful Pantry, and "Safe and Sound Stations" with daily inspirations from women of the stake, we will build courage to extend our hand of safety for Him to those who suffer mental illness.
Without a doubt, that is when the miracles come. We have the power to aid in these miracles within families, sisterhood, and in serving. He just needs us to reach out. I am so grateful to embark on this incredible cause together!!
We will see you on September 10th!! CANNOT WAIT!!
All my love,
Ashley Quist

Service Day Committee Co-Chair

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