Invitations from a Prophet: Maria Blamires

Maria & her family at the Temple

I feel blessed to live in a time when we have a prophet who is our watchman on the tower. Last April's General Conference, President Nelson gave us 3 invitations that have strengthened me spiritually. 


1. Share the power and peace of Jesus Christ. 


The world is growing in turmoil and chaos. More than ever God’s children need the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love missionary work and I know it is the most important work here on earth. 

Praying for inspiration to know how I can share the priceless message of the gospel of Jesus Christ in our times is a must. 


I have amazing friends of other faiths. One thing I love is that we all have great respect for each other and many of them have a great love for the Lord. We often share our feelings about spiritual things like prayer and we both are uplifted without being pressured or feeling rejected because we have differences.  I also like to invite them to church activities and family religious events like baby blessings, baptisms etc. To me a good way to bring peace to others through the gospel of Jesus Christ is to build upon what unites us. Approaching missionary work this way brings joy to all and makes real friendships. 

Another way I share the peace of the gospel of Jesus Christ is by sending family members and friends talks and scriptures that uplift and bring peace and hope to our hearts. I am grateful for technology that can quickly reach many people.  When I follow promptings of the Holy Ghost, many times I get feedback indicating that the message had a positive impact in their lives.


2. Build spiritual momentum


Connecting with her ancestors 
To me building spiritual momentum is building a strong foundation not just one time but over and over. Reading the scriptures and likening them to me just like Nephi teaches in the Book of Mormon empowers me with personal revelation which brings guidance to my life. 

Attending the Temple regularly has strengthened my foundation by bringing great spiritual power into my life. It has given me hope during trials by giving me an eternal perspective. Going to the temple is like going home and feeling the love of a caring father not only for me but also for those beyond the veil. It has helped me realize that I can be a strong link between the past and the future generations. 

Recognizing God’s hands in my life has also strengthened my foundation knowing that he is there each day, I’m never left alone. As I have made a conscious effort to record each tender mercy from the Lord I have become more aware of His hand in my life. 

Repenting daily and working on Christlike attributes by setting goals weekly as I take the sacrament helps me stay on the covenant path and have the help of the Holy Ghost in my life. 


3. Choose how you will spend your time. 


We live in a fast paced world of technology. We all seek to have strong connections on our phones and computers which helps us stay connected with others. I am learning that to survive spiritually in this world I need a strong connection with Heaven.  I have found places and ways that will help me have those strong connections as I choose to spend time doing those things. 

The temple is a place that I feel very connected with Heaven and I leave with peace and strength to go out in the world with a reassurance that I am a child of God and that he’s aware of me and he has a plan for me and my family. 


Going to church every week and taking the sacrament weekly connects me to my Savior who helps me in my repentance process as He extends great mercy to me. Through His infinite atonement I am able to have second chances and improve each week.


I know God lives! Jesus Christ is our Savior and that President Nelson is a prophet of God called to lead us in our time and as I heed his invitations I will be more prepared for the future. 


By Maria Blamires, Pheasant Place Ward

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