Invitations from a prophet: Heidi Stringham

Heidi & her husband, Scott
In the fall of 2020, I found myself for the first time in a long time questioning how I wanted to spend my time. Instead of life dictating how I would spend my time, I had come to a brief stage where life slowed down, and I now had the opportunity to choose how I would fill my days and spend my time.

The Stringham Family
I have always tried to be purposeful in the things I do and not be idle. Working hard has always brought me a lot of satisfaction, sense of accomplishment, and contentment. Taking care of my home and family has always been my joy.

Some of the things I chose to do, and have now continued doing are:

Serving in the temple as an ordinance worker and attending the temple as a patron (which has always been a focus and priority). 

I am learning Portuguese, so someday in the future, Scott and I can serve a mission (hopefully to Brazil). 
Heidi & Scott enjoying exercising together
Scott and I enjoy exercising together every morning to strengthen ourselves physically.

One of my goals this year has been reciting "The Living Christ" every day (after having memorized it a while back). It has brought me so much joy to think on these words wherever I may be and at any time (while driving, running in the morning, sitting in church or at the temple). I have also included in my daily recitings now- the Articles of Faith, the Sacrament prayers, and part of the Restoration Proclamation. My goal is to memorize all the proclamations.
Heidi finds joy watching her grandson
I have found so much joy being a new grandma and watching my grandson while my daughter works a couple times a week. 

During the slow season that I had, I compiled my mom's life story for my family. I also uploaded pictures and memories to Family Search. I then decided to write my own life story. I wrote a large and small plate version and uploaded the small plate version to my Family Search. 

I find joy in listening to church podcasts and uplifting music, journaling, and reading my scriptures and General Conference talks.
Heidi singing with Davis County Interfaith Choir
I joined the Davis County Interfaith choir and had the opportunity to sing in the Lamb of God at the Salt Lake Tabernacle. 

I also started teaching myself how to play the guitar (which I need to pick back up again now that the busy summer is over).

There are so many good things to do that can better and improve us, as well as help us feel the spirit. Although I feel I could do better in areas and this is an ongoing process, I am making effort to do what I can, when I can, and have felt strengthened. These things have also helped me build positive spiritual momentum as well as to hopefully share the power and peace of Jesus Christ to others. 

By Heidi Stringham, Bridgecreek Ward

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