Serving Safe and Sound: Trust in the Savior

Art: Nathan Greene

I've struggled with depression, anxiety, and addiction most of my life. For years I would rely on medications and other things to try to make me happy and find peace. It wasn't till I was around 35 till I figured out I needed help from the one that knew my struggles, knew my weakness and knew exactly what I need. I learned to rely and trust in my savior. He
has gone through and felt everything that I do. It wasn't easy, and I still struggle at times. My human nature thinks that I can do things alone and my way, but reality is, I can't. I need to put my trust in my savior daily. I know that he is there for me no matter what. It doesn't matter what I have done, he will never leave my side. I am so grateful for him and his unconditional love. He has brought me from the gates of hell And I know he loves me unconditionally. When I rely on him, things aren't so bad and i can get through my trials stronger than i was before.

By Lindsay Workman

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