Meet Ann Flint - one of our Women’s Conference chairs

Hello dear friends, I have loved you for many years and so many new friends I am excited to get to know. I am Ann Flint and I feel very blessed being able to work with Stacie and Kellee, along with Tiffany, Lori and Janae, in preparation for women’s conference. I have been inspired by their examples and love for each of you. They truly love you and the gospel.
My husband Kent and I have been married for 40 years and have raised our 5 boys here in West Layton in the 37th Ward. We were both raised in Layton. We have 15 grandchildren, which I adore. 💕

I love the gospel and my Savior. I am grateful every day for my Father in Heaven and His beautiful world and His love for me. I feel their love for me and I know they are in the details of my life.
I am very excited about our Women’s Conference theme, “Eyes to See.” What a wonderful reminder to look at others and the world the way our Savior Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven see each of us and the world around us. What a beautiful perspective to look for. Always striving to have more patience, love, kindness and compassion as they do.
I love the pictures of our Savior that are focused on his eyes and face. I love to look into His eyes and see and feel His love for me.
Please join us in sharing your thoughts and a picture of you and a favorite picture that you love of our Savior to share with other sisters in our stake. We love you.

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