Seen by Christ: Mesha Robbins


Mesha Robbins, Stone Creek Ward:
Due to many challenging experiences in my life, I feel Jesus sees me all the time. He doesn't rescue me from my challenges but He definitely helps me through them. He also sees me in the mundane. At work, doing the dishes, running errands, helping kids with homework, in a snowflake and a raindrop. The tricky part is choosing to see & feel Him in life. It's easy to go about my day somewhat robotically. If I'm able to slow down just a little & focus, that's when I can see Him everywhere. I can feel His & our Father's love in everything I do, but I must use my agency to do so. There are days when it's easy to see Him & there are days when it's really hard to see Him in my life. But the more I try to see Him & "doubt not" that He is there, the easy days become more frequent. I'm deeply humbled & grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ & His infinite Atonement in our behalf
This is one my favorite pictures of Christ. I love the story of the woman at the well. Our Savior chose to reveal himself to be the Messiah to a sinful Samaritan woman. She was likely "at the bottom of the totem pole" in society. Yet that did not affect her value to Him & the importance of His message. I just love that 💕

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