Meet Kellee Hewlett Mudrow - one of our Women’s Conference chairs

I live in the Stone Creek ward, have 4 kids, and am a pediatric nurse. I have loved working with the Stake RS presidency and Stacie on this conference—it has been such a blessing for me.

After playing the accompaniment to musical numbers at my grandma’s funeral, I had my aunt approach me—hug me and tell me “I see you”. That little phrase struck me with so much power. I’ve thought of it often and how it relates to our Savior; He knows us, He knows our needs, our wants, our fears, our trials, our insecurities, our talents. He loves us, each one of us—individually.
Eyes to See is being seen, loved, and wanted by Him but it is also being able to see—being able to see our Savior’s hand in our life and being able to see His love for others.
I love so many pictures of Christ but I am really drawn to the ones where he is with children. I love the depiction of Him down at their level, kids in his lap, or playing with them. You can feel the great love He feels for them and how important each one is to Him. I know He sees and knows each of us. We might not always recognize His involvement in our life but as we make an effort to look, we will see more and more of Him and His love for us.

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