Meet Stacie Toney - one of our Women’s Conference chairs

Dear Wonderful Women of the Layton South Stake,

We are so excited for our Women’s Conference theme this year, “Eyes to See”. And we are excited for our chairs, Stacie Toney and Kellee Mudrow, to introduce it to you. In addition, and as part of the preparation for the conference, we will be asking sisters in the stake to share their favorite picture of the Savior and why it is their favorite. We love you! And we look forward to uplifting each other as we share testimony and love for Jesus Christ, and as we look for Him in our daily lives.
Tiffany McMinn, Ann Flint, Janae Poulson, Lori Cebollero
Hello Sisters! My name is Stacie Toney. I live in the Bridgecreek ward. My little family moved into the stake just over 3 years ago and have loved our time here. We love being surrounded by amazing people! I was asked, along with Kellee Mudrow, to head up this year’s women’s conference. We are SO excited for it! We hope you can attend.
Have you ever been lost or tried to find a new address? Isn’t it funny how we sit up in our seats, turn off the music and narrow our focus? This year’s theme for the Stake Women’s conference is Eyes to See. Our hope is that as we come together as sisters in faith, we turn down the “radio” and sit up in our chairs for a few hours that our eyes might be opened to see Christ more in our lives; To see His hand, to see as He might see, and even to feel seen.
My favorite picture of Christ represents peace and content to me. I love this picture because of Christ’s face. He isn’t being over zealous, he doesn’t appear to be sad and angry. He just looks at peace. I have three little boys (and a fourth on the way), if there’s anything I long for these days it is peace. Our house is usually pretty loud and rambunctious but when we talk about Christ, and look for him in our life we see Him, and the more we look the more we see. He is often still in those loud and rambunctious moments and when I see His calm smile in this picture I feel like He sees me too. He sees me trying to teach, nurture, serve and love, even if it’s just by wiping faces and bottoms that day.

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