Seen by Christ: Ashley Pabst

Ashley Pabst, Roberts Farms Ward
Last night I received a text message asking if I would share a moment when I had felt seen by God, in anticipation for next Saturday’s Stake Women’s Conference. As I searched my mind, I couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t too long to explain or too personal to share. I remembered getting the flier a few weeks ago encouraging us to see more of Christ in our lives in preparation for the conference. I was a little embarrassed with myself that in the busyness of life, I hadn’t put more effort into that invitation. I prayed to remember an experience I could share, and went to bed uncertain. Then this morning I was listening to a podcast while I cleaned my house. My heart was feeling a little heavy with concerns for a loved one. As the conversation on the podcast was wrapping up, the host asked the interviewee what message he would give to someone in a specific situation. It was the exact situation that was weighing on my heart with my loved one. Of course, I stopped and paid close attention, surprised that this podcast recorded 4 years ago suddenly had such relevance to my life. To that specific situation the man being interviewed replied. “God is unbelievably and unfathomably good. So whatever your struggles… God loves you.” In that moment I felt seen and loved by God. He knows the concerns in my heart, as well as yours. I know that as we take time to look for God in our life, we will find Him, ministering to us personally.

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