Seen by Christ: Tara Scott


Tara Scott, 37th Ward
I have felt seen by Jesus
I feel that I have felt seen by Jesus multiple times in my life. One of those times was in 1995, not too long after we moved here to Layton. We had felt strongly that there was one more spirit that needed to come to us. I had all but given up hope, after over five years of trying. One day when I got up to take care of our three other children, I was feeling extremely tired. I prayed that I would have the ability to take care of my children for the day. By mid-morning I had to crawl to the phone to call my husband for help. He came and got me and we dropped our children off to a neighbor and headed to the hospital. As soon as I arrived in the Emergency room, they took my blood pressure. It was 80/40, which gave the nurse a scare. She immediately got me started on an IV and called the doctor in. After doing some other testing, I found out that I was pregnant. There was some type of issue with the pregnancy. After having surgery to stop the bleeding, I continued on to have a healthy baby boy. I knew that my Savior was there, He knew me, and knew exactly what I needed to save me and the baby I was carrying.
I testify that Jesus knows each one of us personally. He loves us and will be there for us. It may not always seem that way, but he is there!

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