Seen by Christ: Lynda Hansen


Lynda Hansen, Roberts Farms Ward
In 2014 I had to do mediation for my impending divorce. Knowing I had to negotiate for the future of my kids, myself and my financial security with someone who has a very difficult person was so scary. That's a big event in a life. I wished so deeply my Dad could be with me that day. But because my parents passed away when I was young, I asked my older brother to come sit by my side through the process.

When I arrived I met the older gentleman who had been assigned as the mediator. He was a former judge and was well qualified. He was polite and professional but not warm.

Mediation began and I moved forward but after a few hours, I still felt fear. During one of our discussions, I mentioned something about my dad being a senator. The mediator said, "I worked at the senate for a time. Who is your dad?" I told him "Sherman Wayment." He looked surprised and asked, "Your dad was Sherm Wayment?" "Yes," I said.

He then went on to tell me that he had worked with my dad and that he was one of the finest men he had ever met. In that instant everything changed. I felt the Spirit and I felt my Dad's presence, I felt love, peace and hope. The mediator became very kind and reassured me that everything would be okay. That Heavenly Father would take care of me and would give me what I needed.

I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ saw me that day. In a fearful, vulnerable state. And they comforted me by making sure that the man working with me in the judicial system in 2014, knew my Dad, who died in 1981.
This picture is my favorite. His eyes are the first thing I see when I come out of my bedroom every morning. And in them, I see volumes of love.

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