Seen by Christ: Rachael Wood


Rachael Wood, Kennington Ward
Last month I spoke in church and my baby got baptized. I wanted to feel a stronger connection with Jesus and make both of these things more special. I got to work. I spent HOURS and HOURS (think days and days) researching, reading conference talks, quotes, scriptures, listened to multiple podcasts, watch The Chosen, read baptism and Holy Ghost books with my son, did a lesson on both baptism and the Holy Ghost, taught primary and went to the temple and sacrificed a lot of time for these efforts. And it paid off. Inspiration just came to me. Any time I turned my phone on, it was another quote that fit perfectly with my talk and gave me guidance where to study next. I have never felt closer to my Savior in my entire life. After a hard mom day of trying to get the kids everywhere and making their youth temple appts work and getting them to sports too and trying to serve someone, I had 20 minutes to sit in my car to wait for a child to get out of practice. I turned on my phone and the first two things that popped up was a super funny meme on a hard day, and a quote to mothers about why satan tries so much on mothers. I felt seen in the good inspiring times. And I felt seen in the hard moment. I even said in my talk “I feel seen and loved by the Savior.” Such a simple phrase. But the feeling inside me is so powerful that I want my kids to feel this. I want my friends to grow this type of connection. I don’t want to lose this closeness. I know I can’t keep up that magnitude of devotion for the rest of my life, but it gave me a desire to try to do a little more on a daily basis.”

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