Walk with Him: Cindy Lawlor


How do you walk with HIM?

Dear Sisters,
I am grateful for the opportunity to reflect on the question, "How do I walk with the Savior?"
When I was a child, my mother involved me in presenting musical readings at different events. I remember the words to one reading in particular that left a powerful impression on my mind. "If Jesus came to your house to spend a day or two, if He came unexpected, I wonder what you'd do?" That simple reading helped me to be self aware of the environment that I wanted to create in my home as I became a mother and grandmother. I placed great value on my home being a place where I would not be uncomfortable if the Savior showed up at my door unannounced.
I have experienced devastating trials in my life as well as tremendous joy. I bear testimony that the only way I have endured my heart wrenching trials was by placing my trust in my Savior Jesus Christ. In Proverbs 3:5-6, we read,
"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding."
"In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
I found that as I experienced the death of many loved ones, the loss of material wealth, family members who have left the church, health struggles of myself or family members, and an unexpected heart- wrenching divorce, I have only been able to endure those trials because I knew the Savior has not or would never leave me alone. I have grown to trust Him as I follow the prophets in studying the scriptures daily and gaining more knowledge about Him. I listen to the scriptures and gospel podcasts as I get ready for work in the mornings or exercise after work. I enjoy listening and watching conference talks, BYU devotionals, and church videos. I love to feast on His words, even if it is only a few minutes some days. Through this learning process, I gain understanding of the Savior's attributes as I strive to become more like Him. I find peace and eternal gratitude as I use the atonement in my life to overcome my human weaknesses. I have experienced many answers to prayer and experienced many tender mercies in my behalf and that of my loved ones. I trust that the Savior will help me to see the changes that I need to make in this life to become who He knows that I can become.
I have witnessed that He hears my daily prayers of gratitude and pleadings of my heart. I do not put my trust in the arm of flesh due to human weakness, but I know my Savior understands my needs even better than I do at times. I have found that if I am patient and wait on his his timing, He will answer my prayers in His own due time. I have learned that I have to stretch my faith muscles during my times of struggle to choose faith over fear. Step by step He eventually opens doors for me through other people or through my own inspiration. I trust that He knows me better than anyone else and that He understands who I am and knows what is best for me. I have learned to place my burdens on Him and that He will bless me with patience and peace in time and in a way that no one else can give.
I understand that I must do all that I can to keep the commandments, pay my tithing, serve others, repent daily, and keep the covenants that I have made at baptism and in the temple. I trust that if I do the best that I can, that He will compensate me in the end. I understand that through keeping the covenants that I have made with Him, He will be bound to keep His promises to me. I have grown to love my Savior deeply and know that I can trust Him. These truths bring me great eternal peace and comfort. I know that no matter what I experience in this life, He will make it right in the end!

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