Walk with Him: Cindy Ortolani


How do you walk with HIM?

“How do you walk with Christ”
I looked back on the stake Facebook post and realized it was just a few weeks before I had a double lung transplant that I commented. It has now been a little over three years and I continue to hold his hand every day.
In and out of the hospital several times. Once with Covid for 3 weeks.
The week after the transplant I asked the doctors every day if I was dying. The first two weeks of Covid I did the same thing. My husband came every day to stay with me and each day I asked him for a blessing. I was so weak and tired and hallucinating that I couldn’t even pray for myself. The first week of Covid I couldn’t have any visitors. The first few days I was in the ICU, on high oxygen. But, I felt every prayer that was given on my behalf. I felt the Spirit so strong. I felt other spirits as well, my parents, grandparents I’m not sure but I knew they loved me and were praying for me too. Prayer in Heaven, who knew?
I’ve tried to prepare myself and my family for my death. We will all have a turn, mine may just come sooner than later. I pray for comfort and guidance. While in the hospital I’ve pleaded to live. I’ve promised and compromised and cried with my whole soul. I’ve prayer to see others the way Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ see them, to help life their burdens as so many others have lifted mine. That has made my life so much better, relationships better.
With any kind of transplant because of the medication some will end up having to get a kidney transplant as well.
I ended up on dialysis during my Covid episode so my kidneys have not fully healed. I’m now going to be put on the kidney transplant list and I start dialysis again next month.
A few weeks ago I had so much fatigue and pain I couldn’t do anything for very long. My life was spent in a recliner. I was going to have my husband give me another blessing and as I was thinking about it, I remembered President Nelson telling us “So many wonderful things are ahead. We will see the greatest manifestation of the Saviors power that the world has ever seen. He will bestow countless privileges , blessings and miracles upon the faithful.”
I decided to pray for myself and ask for a miracle. “Take away my pain and fatigue and heal me.” I knew I might not get what I asked for but just a few days later I woke up feeling better that I have in a very long time. I’ve had more energy that I’ve had in a long time. My lab numbers were even improved. I felt that it was a tender mercy and a true miracle. I accepted it for what it was, the love of my Heavenly Father and elder brother Jesus Christ. I truly feel blessed everyday that I am able to spend with my husband, my beautiful daughter her loving husband and my sweet and adorable granddaughters.
I do walk with Him every moment and when I can’t walk, I know he is still there with me.

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