Walk with Him: Brooke McArthur


How do you walk with HIM?

As I think about this question. I remember the times when life was hard and Heavenly Father sent me the right person at the right time with the perfect message of what I needed to hear. Nobody would have known what and how I felt, except Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father speaks to us all so differently. This is one way that he is able to get through to me in hard times and when I doubt myself. I had a friend reach out and say that she 'SEES' me and that I was loved SO much by so many and she wanted to know if I was okay. During that hard time I knew I would be okay. She was another one that showed me Heavenly Fathers Love. I know without a doubt that I am being watched over and that Heavenly Father knows what I am going through. He constantly sends me a person to pick me up when I need it the most. This may be a little backwards to the question, but in these moments is when I feel like I am walking next to and with Christ the most in my life. I see him and by recognizing it and trusting him over my self doubts and life doubts. There is a peace, comfort and strength during those hard times, that I couldn't have come up with on my own.
Now these experiences are ones that have changed me and my heart. As I have seen him show up for me through other people, I try walk with Christ in showing up for other people now too, to mourn with those that mourn and to be there when someone needs a shoulder to lean on. There are lifelong friends I have gained because Heavenly Father has put us in each others paths. Sometimes, it is scary to reach out. I'm learning to not second guess myself as much anymore. Recently, I had a friend go through a faith building situation. I was grateful for her example. She texted me, "I know that God knowing he can trust me with promptings means he will continue to guide me on all things when I need Him too or when others need Him." This was so beautifully said. Because of what Heavenly Father has done for me, these are the words that describe what I will continue to strive to be like. This is one way I want to walk with Christ.

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